The young Polish player who arrived at PSG in 2017 at the age of 20, shy, reserved and doubtful of her passing skills, is totally a thing of the past by 2022.

A constant evolution

In three years, in the Parisian central axis, she is certainly one of the players who has evolved the most, inserted in the Parisian mould.

Unlike Perle Morroni, Grace Geyoro, Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto, all of whom have been in the Paris region since the dawn of time, and who were all part of a world they knew perfectly well, the Polish player has had to put in the hard work and bring her mind to the level of those who immigrate to another culture.

She was able to establish herself in her first season with sixteen matches in 2018, after a soft 2017 season (3), the spot being taken by Brazilian Erika. Since then, she has been playing around 80% of the matches.

With the obligation of performance against the two Swedish Emma Berglund (30 years), Hanna Glas (25 years), the Brazilian Daiane (21 years), the American Alana Cook (21 years). All of them are in the group, more or less close, of the twenty-three of their national team, in teams of the Top 10 while Poland, is pointed between the 25th and 35th place FIFA, currently 29th.

Last season, she was imperious playing a duo with Irene Paredes who can sign with her eyes closed as one of the owners of the 2021 title taken in the championship, stopping Olympique Lyonnais’ winning marathon (15 consecutive titles).

A potentially legitimate captain

Today, she would be legitimate to wear the Parisian captaincy.

If we have to evaluate her progression, I would say that she has totally transformed herself physically with a level of vertical relaxation at the top of the world. I would put the evolution of her professional rigour and confidence in her game at the same level.

She is not the same player anymore. She still has to get out of her primary role effectively and efficiently. Without losing her strength and defensive base. By touching, from time to time, on the freedom that Grace Geyoro has given herself in front of goal, or that of Marie-Antoinette Katoto in her supporting role in the French team.

PSG makes its players evolve

We don’t talk enough about the structural strength of clubs in the evolution – or not – of the quality of the players who play there. In this respect, Paris Saint Germain, which is excessively contested in terms of rigour and evolution on the men’s side, has shown all its strength and quality with the female players who have worn its shirt for several seasons.

Tuesday 9 November – Parc des Princes (Paris XVI)

William Commegrain